On the right you can watch the latest music video for our song "Dear My Sally"! In March 2015 we had the plesure to work together with Soeren Yellunderup and Svea Malena and produce the clip. It was a very great time and we had much fun with the shootings. Don't forget to like the video on YouTube if you enjoy it. In addition, we appreciate any comments and feedback. Looking forward to planing the next music video soon, after we have been recording our first album this autumn.


Stay tuned!

iSonic - We are a German rock band founded in 2014 in Hamburg. We created our own genre which we call Emotional-Indie- Rock/Pop. We mix classic british rock sounds with modern pop elements in a way in which we express emotionally moving thoughts and inspire the audience.

The latest band member is Moo, our keyboarder. We met him at an amazing house party. We danced and talked a lot and it emerged that he was playing the keys for about ten years. The fact we were interested in a keyboarder to enrich our sound with a new instrument and his desire for a band was a combination that we thought we have to use to our advantage. Since this house party in February 2015, Moo is our solid keyboarder.


Tom, Alex and Xandi used to be in contact some years before the foundation of the band. Furthermore, Alex and Tom have been playing for the blues-rock band Blue Sensation and worked together on many other music projects. Some years later, Xandi and Tom randomly met at a public party and joculary said they would establish a rock band. In October 2014 the words became real and Alex, who still was in frequent contact with Tom, joined the band. So we started as a trio.

After a couple of cool jam sessions and first real band rehearsals, the trio decided to extend the band sound in terms of an additional guitar. It was not hard to find the matching guitar player since Tom knew Lars, a high school friend of him. Lars got invited to some nice jams and straighaway was interested to join the band - which he actually did in November 2014. One month later, a milestone was set in iSonic's hisotry: the first gig. The four boys performed at the so called Spiritual Sound Session in a church of their district.




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